Thursday, 26 May 2016

The Home of... Keiko and Malachi

 I love this chilled out apartment in Pasadena, CA that I found over at Design Sponge. The home belongs to Cartoonist Keiko Brodeur and Illustrator Malachi Ward and was at one time their home and studio, now the apartment is the perfect little space mixing a healthy dose of both eclectic tastes and minimalism.

I really love the colour of the bathroom, the awesome wall hanging above the sofa and that little shelf in the kitchen full of handmade pottery. Such a lovely home, I would feel very happy here.

Please check out the full tour on Design Sponge

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

My visit to Anthopologie, Bath

Hemisphere Hook From Anthopologie

A couple of weeks ago I took a day off work to go to Bath to explore the new-ish Anthopologie shop. I have been admiring Anthopologie's web store for some years but not living near London had never actually been, and after finding out there was a store in the next town had to pay a visit...

It was a dangerous mission. Saving to buy a new house and going to look at home furnishings are not compatible!!  Typically I was actually blown away and could have come away with so much, but I resisted and just brought the Hemisphere Hook above.

It is a beautiful hook, and is so much bigger in person :)

My only regret is that I didn't buy the matching knobs... even though I don't have anywhere to actually put them, one day I may!!

Other favourites of the day were the Crystal bar Hook and The Small Copper Plated colander, and the way above my budget, Petal Perch serving Board

Copper Plated Colander

Crystal bar Hook

Petal Perch Serving Plate

Monday, 23 May 2016

Current Obsession: Wallpaper from Renn Designs

Big Cat Wallpaper from Renn Designs

Last week I discovered Chantal Renn from Renn Designs and her quite frankly magical children's wallpaper designed to 'inspire young minds' . The above wallpaper is called 'Big cats' and although I agree it is perfect for a child's room, I can also see this in an 'adult room'... I would love this in my bathroom!!!

With more wallpapers on the way, Chantal is certainly one to look out for...

Renn Designs: Northern Lights Wallpaper