Friday, 9 October 2015

Hats on the Wall.....

Hats on the wall in the the Home of Leah Hoffman
Hat wall in the home of Vanessa of HoneyWood vintage
Hats on the wall: Erin Wasson's Bohemian Venoce Beech home
Hats on the Wall: Free people
Hats on the wall at the fabulous HoneyWood Vintage

It was the bottom image of those beautiful handmade hats at HoneyWood vintage that inspired this post. I have been collecting 'Hats on the wall' images for a while and finally had enough to share. Sadly I am not a hat person, its not that i don't like them I just cant pull one off, however for a non-hat wearer i do have a great collection of Stetsons, floppy 60's hats etc... I also now have a place for my feathered beauties....

Friday, 2 October 2015

Palais Bulles...... The Palace of Bubbles

 I remember watching Tara Palmer-Tompkinson on T.V in the 90's going on a search for a new holiday home with a cool budget of 1.5 million and this crazy bubble house was one of the houses she was looking at. She didnt buy it, and I remember thinking at the time she must be mad.... it is so cool!

Palais Bulles, or "Palace of Bubbles", was built in 1989 (not the 60's as it is often wrongly credited) by Architect Antti Lovag and is situated just outside of Calais with a stunning Mediterranean view, it has since been brought by Pierre Cardin, and has been the back drop for many fashion shoots, videos and Avant garde parties! It has also been listed as a historic monument by the French Ministry of Culture.

What i love about this crazy looking place is that it reminds me of caves from 50's and 60's films like Journey to the Center of the Earth or The Time machine.... even maybe Star Trek.

 Pierre Cardin by Paul Figaro for Edson Williams.
I bet Tara is kicking herself now!

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Wall Hangings at Urban Outfitters

Recycled Lovers #30 Scalloped Wall Hanging
Otten Macrame Wall Hanging
I would love to be able to afford a beautiful wall hanging by Artists such as Electric Love NYC, or April Rose of Rainbow Kimono, but right now my interiors budget is regrettably minimal/ non-existent. So if like me you are currently counting the pennies Urban Outfitters does have a cheap and cheerful range of wall hangings to brighten up your walls.